The Batizado


Traditional Ceremony

The Batizado is a traditional rank advancement ceremony.  Historically, the batizado represented the first time a student played in the roda.  Today, batizado events have evolved into celebrations of capoeira where participants  recognize the progress of local students while taking advantage of opportunities to train and play with guest instructors and visitng capoeiristas.  Brazilian Capoeira hosts semi-annual batizado events the last weekend in January and the last weekend in July.


Workshops and Rodas

Once of the most important benefits of participating in the batizado is the chance to train with guest instructors in capoeira masterclasses.  Admission to workshops is included in your batizado registration fee.  The Friday night open roda also provides an excellent opportunity to play with new friends and to see high level capoeiristas in action.


Cord Tests and Rank Advancements

Students demonstrate their progress during batizado week with in class cord "tests."  Preparing for testing helps students focus their training.  Download requirements for your next cord by clicking the links below.