Brazilian Capoeira

Martial Arts to a Brazilian Beat

Capoeira in Colorado Springs

Get in Shape and Have a Great Time Doing It

Capoeira is a unique combination of martial arts, dance, acrobatics, and live music.  Brazilian Capoeira has been offering high quality classes in Colorado's first full-time capoeira studio for over 15 years.  Come see how capoeira can help you build strength, flexibility, coordination, and confidence in engaging classes that are both challenging and fun!

Classes for Adults, Teens, and Kids

capoeira players in Colorado Springs

Brazilian Capoeira students learn martial arts, acrobatics, dance, and music in high-energy classes that keep  you looking forward to your next training session.


More Than Martial Arts


Capoeira has kicks, dodges, and sweeps...and much more. Students learn acrobatics and fluid dance-like movements, how to play traditional instruments, and capoeira music in Portuguese.

What is Capoeira?

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Brazilian Capoeira

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