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Kids and Family Classes

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Focus, discipline, fitness, music, goal-setting, all while training together.

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Get in shape - have a great time doing it!

Build strength and flexibility, learn a new culture while making new friends.

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Leadership Program

Training Tomorrow's Leaders

Our curriculum is designed to develop leadership skills and develop character.

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An Amazing Community

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You can reach your goals by being a part of this amazing community.

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More Than Just a Martial Arts Academy

A unique combination of kicks, acrobatic movements, dance influences and live music, capoeira is more than just a martial art. Capoeira will be one of the most enjoyable and challenging art forms you’ll ever encounter. At Brazilian Capoeira, we've known for years that some of the most important things we teach our students have nothing to do with jumping high or kicking fast. We've seen how capoeira training helps improve confidence, develops discipline and focus, gives students the opportunity to make and reach goals, to face challenges, encourages community involvement, and so much more.

Seeing how movement in many different forms had the power to positively affect almost every area of our students’ personal and professional lives is primarily why we made the decision to commit our lives to teaching.

Life Lessons Learned

The skills that are developed in classes will benefit literally every other part of a student's life. New students learn to show discipline, focus, and respect. Just these three skills improve performance in school, lead to higher-paying jobs, and help them in their interpersonal relationships.

As a matter of fact, we take this so seriously that students need to demonstrate focus, discipline and respect inside and outside of classes before they move to higher levels of training. Students learn to work hard, to respect each other, and to more effectively manage their own time. Stop by our studio and see for yourself the difference this makes.

The Right Priorities

One of the goals that we've also set for ourselves is to help our students progress as quickly and effectively as possible. Part of reaching a high level of excellence involves a commitment to the art form, and the opportunity to train more directly with the other students that are also committed to it.

At Brazilian Capoeira students receive this benefit. Students become part of a community of artists that take their training seriously. Having this kind of long-term commitment makes all the difference in the world.

Students learn to see projects through to their completion. They learn to not give up. They learn to set short-term goals to help them reach their long-term goals. Are these skills valuable to you? Capoeira classes are a great way to develop them.

A Different Experience

Brazilian Capoeira is so much more than a martial arts program. Once you've completed your intro lesson, you're ready to begin a life-changing experience through your training at the Academy. With a focus on character development and leadership training students get a lot more out of their time spent here.

Contact us now to get started in a capoeira program that is designed to help you discover your best self.

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