Martial Arts to a Brazilian Beat in Colorado Springs
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“We are very pleased with the opportunity that our family has to practice capoeira together. Capoeira for us is more than a martial art or dance class: Capoeira for us is the possibility to spend a quality time together... read more"

-Cai adult student and mother of 14 year old student

“My daughter has been doing capoeira now close to a year. She started right after she turned 5 years old. At that age her attention span was pretty short but she continues to be very interested in continuing capoeira... read more"

-Beth, parent of 6 year old student

Colorado Springs Martial Arts
Capoeira is a great martial art for kids!     Train capoeira together with your family.    

More than just a martial arts program!

Most people have heard of Karate, Kung-fu, and Tae Kwon Do, but Brazilian Capoeira is a bit of a new concept. This 400-year-old martial art has a lot more to offer than your run-of-the-mill karate class. At Brazilian Capoeira we pride ourselves on building strong bodies, strong character, and a strong family. Take a couple of minutes to browse this site and see what our programs can do for you. You'll be amazed at what you can do!

What makes capoeira different from other martial arts?

One of the first things you'll notice is that class isn't all about just kicking and punching, or learning cool acrobatic movements and self-defense techniques. Our curriculum focuses a lot on personal character development, goal setting, and leadership training. Students report greater self-confidence, better performance in school and at work, along with their increases in physical fitness.
Martial Arts to a Brazilian Beat in Colorado Springs
Intro Program includes a private martial arts lesson.