Capoeira Classes for Adults, Teens, and Kids

Kids Classes

Capoeira for kids is like a martial arts, gymnastics, and music class all in one!  For kids ages 5 and up.

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Family Classes

Adults and kids train together in a fun program that helps families build skills while strengthening relationships.

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Adult Classes

Adults and teens get an all body cardiovascular and muscle building workout in a high-energy class filled with movement and music. 

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What to Expect

What are capoeira classes like?  After a warm up and light stretching, students will practice movements individually, in sequences with a partner, and in an open capoeira game in the capoeira circle, called the "roda."


Monthly Open Roda

The first Saturday of each month, Brazilian Capoeira students of all ages and levels gather with guests from other regional groups to participate in an open "roda," or improvised capoeira game.



Capoeira builds more than just physical strength.  We are committed to helping our students develop the strong character that will help them become future leaders both in and out of the studio.

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