Rank Advancement

There is a ranking system in capoeira similar to the colored belt systems in other martial arts. Students earn a series of colored cords (in Portuguese “cordão”) based on the colors of the Brazilian flag. For the first three cords, students can expect to advance every six months at a traditional semi-annual event called the “Batizado.” Our school usually holds batizados in January and July.

The Batizado is a two day event that features a performance style ceremony where guest artists perform capoeira with local students and students are awarded their new cords in front of an audience of family and friends. In addition to this ceremony, students will also have the exciting opportunity to take master classes with notable instructors from throughout the United States and Brazil. Brazilian Capoeira has close relationships with some of the most influential leaders in the capoeira community and provides its students these valuable training experiences as part of each Batizado weekend.

Performance Opportunities

Capoeira is as exciting to watch as it is to train and Brazilian Capoeira receives many requests to share the daring movements, unique history, and energetic music of capoeira with community organizations, businesses, schools, and festivals. Children, adults, and even new students will have many opportunities to perform with the group. Students feel pride in their accomplishments and see their confidence grow as they develop their performance skills. Brazilian Capoeira also partners with the Springs Dance Academy annually for their production of “An Urban Nutcracker.” Capoeira students regularly fill rolls as mice, soldiers, dancers, and more in this unique production. Placement auditions are held late summer/early fall. If you would like information about Brazilian Capoeira performing at your next community or school event, please call us at (719) 635-1004.

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